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Organization Name and website Reference: Santa Clarita Speed Skating Club, "Club," "the Club," "our,", (SCSSC).

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Website forms, including racing entry forms

When you use SCSSC web forms, the information submitted is sent to SCSSC site admins and Club organizers/officers via email. Your submitted information is also stored in our database. We purge outdated web-form submission data from our database at regular intervals. Your information may still reside for several weeks or months in database backups, which are regularly deleted after a period of time when such backups become obsolete. 

Your data will be removed at your request. Please allow up to 72 hours for us to fulfill the request. 

Website technical information


The SCSSC website is developed and designed using the Joomla! content management system (CMS). Joomla! is an open-source web application developed and licensed for use by Open Source Matters, Inc



When you visit SCSSC, Joomla! and some third-party extensions set one or more cookies in your browser. This is done for performance only, to enhance your browsing experience while visiting the SCSSC site. Cookies, including those that establish and track individual browsing sessions, are set on the “client side”—in your browser—and not stored on the server. References to cookies that “track” or “log” the pages you visit are done for functionality purposes to aid your browsing experience. As examples, cookies allow your browser to cache pages and images you view for faster loading in the future. Cookies also let your browser indicate to you which links you have “visited” (for links that are coded to indicate, either by color or some other style, whether you have accessed specific links or pages in the past.) 

At no time are references to “tracking,” “logging,” or “cookies” suggesting that the owners and managers of SCSSC are analyzing, scrutinizing, or collecting data on your browsing behavior.

Open Source Matters, Inc. states the following regarding Joomla! cookies: 

Joomla uses cookies to store information about a number of things. These include your session, which means it saves information on what you have done on the site during this current visit (for example what pages you have visited and whether you have logged in).

The full statement can be found on Joomla!’s documentation site:

Managing Cookies

Since cookies are stored on the “client side” (your browser), you as the end-user have complete and full access to removing cookies. Refer to your browser’s settings documentation to learn how to manage cookies.

Private / "invisible" Browsing

If cookies are a concern, consider using a browser that offers "invisible" browsing (i.e., "Private Window" in Safari, "Incognito Mode" in Chrome, or DuckDuckGo's mobile browser).


At this time, the SCSSC website does not use analytics tracking or monitor visitor behavior. Analytics status changes will be reflected on this page. 

Information Sharing

SCSSC does not share your personal information with third parties.

No Warranty; Terms of Use

The SCSSC website is served using encryption by way of a valid Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. SCSSC keeps all software extensions and the core CMS up to date and patched as updates are released from vendor developers. SCSSC practices due diligence with website maintenance in accordance with known standards and recommendations of software developers to assure that the website remains as secure as possible, and free from vulnerabilities and functionality issues. SCSSC offers no warranty or guarantee that the website will function without errors or issues. You visit the SCSSC web site at your own risk. At no time will SCSSC be responsible for damages or loss experienced by site visitors.

It is expected that site visitors will use the site lawfully and in the manner prescribed—to view, access and consume the site's front-end public content. Re-publishing site content without expressed permission is not allowed. SCSSC welcomes questions or comments about the site, its content, or functionality. 

Changes to this Privacy Statement

SCSSC reserves the right to amend or change this page at any time and without notice. The date of the latest update is published beneath the page title.