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Notable Highlights from Santa Clarita Speed Skating


2022 Western States Regional Champs media coverage

2022 western states champs, three competitors in a 500 m race.Speeding on ice at the 2022 Western States Championships. (Photo credit: FJ)

Santa Clarita Valley Signal, June 30, 2022

A big thank you to the Santa Clarita Valley Signal for their excellent coverage and photographs of the Western States Regional Championships on June 26, 2022.

The Santa Clarita Speed Skating Club hosted the event at The Cube Ice and Entertainment Center, and attracted competitors from nothern and southern California, Arizona, and as far away as Colorado. 

From the article

"The race featured four events, with nine groups each, and offered a variety of lengths, which altered strategy for each. The 1,000-meter races required pacing while the shorter 500- and 278-meter races were more like sprints. The competition also featured a 3,000-meter relay race."

"Skaters were divided up into groups based on skill level, weight and height, which made for some interesting matchups as they were generally not organized by age. One race featured a 71-year-old skater versus a 14-year-old skater of the same height and weight. The race was extremely close."

Full article: Blades flash at speed skating competition, Trevor Morgan

2022 Western States Regional Championship Results (PDF)